In which I revisit Boris Johnson and use him as a lense through which to explore my thoughts on history.

Oh Boris, you spoil me. Are you reading my posts? You should. My IQ is so high I don’t even know what it is don’t ya know…Seriously, where to start in all this hideousness? What is going on here? Just the same thing as always I suppose… People often ask me if I will ever go back […]

In which I have had my faith in humanity further weakened by discovering the writings of one Mr Boris Johnson

It started while I was reading a particularly nasty chapter on beatings and bullying in public school and came across this: Think of that little British microcosm, with nothing ahead but violent games and teasing and the howling of the school dog, and no girls save the Chaplain’s daughter. Think of the privations, think of the […]

spending time with my boys

In the late nineteen sixties a team of sociologists lead by Royston Lambert conducted an in-depth study into boarding schools. They conducted interviews, gave out questionnaires and were shown countless diaries and personal writings, entirely voluntarily on the part of the pupils. They published an in-depth analysis of their findings, but they also published The Hothouse Society, […]

In which I am enraged by an article in The Guardian stating that being a mother is not the most important job in the world

I have allowed myself to get angry about absolutely disgusting bullshit .I know it is just supposed to be provocative, I know this woman probably is not nearly as hateful and stupid as she seems; she is just trying to get herself noticed, and fair play to her it worked. I suppose she wins, unlike me, the […]

bosoms, bosoms everywhere…

Goodness me. I turned on my computer to attempt to write something clever and stylish about how government ministers who were educated in all-male institutions and were sent away from home by their mothers might respond to women and mothers and got distracted by a remarkable piece of news. The government is offering John Lewis Vouchers to pay women to breastfeed. More specifically […]