a mummy’s-eye view of a different #indyref debate

“Women do like honesty more than men” says the lady next to me, and it’s clear from the start gender generalisations are not going to be for the faint-hearted tonight, “I wish somebody would just admit that this is a leap of faith”. She then moves to sit even closer to the front, evidently some […]

Now We Are Five…

For a long time now I have been of the opinion that if you can’t explain why you are doing something to a reasonably intelligent five-year old then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. For this reason, I no longer watch Secret Eaters on channel 4, after my small daughter was unable to sleep one […]

Feed my lambs Dave, just feed my lambs

I bumped into the Bishop of Oxford in the snack money queue at nursery the other day. You really do meet all sorts in Leith don’t you? In fact his grandson (3) has proposed to my daughter (5) so we’re practically related. Which is nice because he seems like a thoroughly good egg. The grandson. […]

In which I have had my faith in humanity further weakened by discovering the writings of one Mr Boris Johnson

It started while I was reading a particularly nasty chapter on beatings and bullying in public school and came across this: Think of that little British microcosm, with nothing ahead but violent games and teasing and the howling of the school dog, and no girls save the Chaplain’s daughter. Think of the privations, think of the […]