one year on…

I had been dreading today, feeling bleak. I was going to give an in depth analysis of this facebook post from one year ago, a big wallow in how various patriarchs had thwarted hopes in the referendum and my belief in my campaign and myself. There was going to be quotes from Les Mis about tigers with […]

Boarding schools: not the answer

“I hope I never get used to the kind of artfully suppressed pain he faintly displayed as he told me of how he had had to leave home at eight because his family would not have been able to manage; that spooked, haunted look you catch right at the back of the eyes of so many ex-boarders which seems to simultaneously say ‘please give me a cuddle’ and ‘please don’t ever give me a cuddle'”

in which I grab a moment during the school holidays to regroup…

“Is this a pain?” texts newspaper man. “No! its not a pain!” I reply, aware that my texts have been increasing in abruptness, not because ‘it’s a pain’ but because I am standing in the booze department of a German supermarket trying to decide whether to spend five euros on a bottle of wine which […]

spending time with my boys

In the late nineteen sixties a team of sociologists lead by Royston Lambert conducted an in-depth study into boarding schools. They conducted interviews, gave out questionnaires and were shown countless diaries and personal writings, entirely voluntarily on the part of the pupils. They published an in-depth analysis of their findings, but they also published The Hothouse Society, […]