on love magic

Once upon a time, in a far-away, far-away kingdom, in a magical garden hidden away in the corner of an enchanted forest, lived a fairy princess.

on health and safety…

I had a sublime moment the other day at gaelic playgroup. I may be the first person to have ever said that. I was staring at the Tupperware containers which hold the Grown-Up Snacks, as someone carefully filled a giant pot of what would be my first proper coffee in days, when I spotted some choco-liebniz […]


I remember when we thought of the name. I had been in the throes of some sort of huge anxiety or other, a while before we were married. I was lying quietly in bed, trying to pray or sleep or rest or something when the thought entered my head: Josephine would be a nice name […]

on finding ‘No’…

SOooooooooo the news is: I’ve met someone. There’s someone new in my life. Shocking I know, and even more shocking… it’s another woman. It all started, like all the best romances – even illicit, extra-marital ones –, with a poem. Then we started hanging out together. The odd coffee and sausage sandwich together here, the […]