on health and safety…

I had a sublime moment the other day at gaelic playgroup. I may be the first person to have ever said that. I was staring at the Tupperware containers which hold the Grown-Up Snacks, as someone carefully filled a giant pot of what would be my first proper coffee in days, when I spotted some choco-liebniz […]

Boarding schools: not the answer

“I hope I never get used to the kind of artfully suppressed pain he faintly displayed as he told me of how he had had to leave home at eight because his family would not have been able to manage; that spooked, haunted look you catch right at the back of the eyes of so many ex-boarders which seems to simultaneously say ‘please give me a cuddle’ and ‘please don’t ever give me a cuddle'”


I remember when we thought of the name. I had been in the throes of some sort of huge anxiety or other, a while before we were married. I was lying quietly in bed, trying to pray or sleep or rest or something when the thought entered my head: Josephine would be a nice name […]